Switching from LastPass to Firefox Sync

Cyber Security

I use my tablet more often recently, so I need my passwords on more than one device… I seized the opportunity to quit my password manager LastPass and switch to Firefox Sync (free software).

LastPass offers a „Security Challenge“ which I employed to identify and change weak passwords during the migration – logging into all of my accounts and accepting Firefox to store the passwords…

I started with 367 accounts but many online services are no more, so the number went down to 223. Amazing, how many online services seemed useful at the time and I simply forgot about them!

Firefox Sync also handles bookmarks, so I imported all of my 6003 bookmarks from del.icio.us and Diigo. Afterwards I let the Firefox add-on iMacros delete them from the social bookmarking sites.

Finally, I activated Pocket for Firefox: „Click the Pocket button in your Firefox toolbar to save articles, videos, pages, and more. You can view them later in Pocket on any device.“ What’s next?

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