Small Influence, Big Impact

Creative Coding

For the final task „create your own generative postcard“ I did a remake of a project called „Orbit“ which I created back in 1997 on a HP 48GX. After more than one hour computing time I got this:

„Orbit“ created with a HP 48GX (1997) (135x68 pixels)
„Orbit“ created with a HP 48GX (1997) (135×68 pixels)

Only this time I simulated many comets instead of only one – in „real-time“. Then I randomized the parameters for the visual representation and selected the most appealing ones. Have a look:

The music is Night Owl by Broke For Free. Check out the sketch Small Influence, Big Impact – tweak the parameters to your liking and drop me a message! I enjoyed this course very much 🙂

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