3D Earth Scene with WebGL

3D Graphics for Web Developers

We live in times of abundant narcissism, that’s where the idea for the 3D scene „Planet Smiling Selfie“ came from. The code was provided by the educators of the online course 3D Graphics for Web Developers.

3D scene „Planet Smiling Selfie“
Click on the image to open the 3D scene „Planet Smiling Selfie“

I replaced earth’s map with a giant self-made smiley but left earth’s specular map & clouds. Then I created an animated brush for GIMP and painted the starfield with a lot of smileys. Sounds easy enough 😉

2 Gedanken zu „3D Earth Scene with WebGL“

  1. Now I know why you left that ZHAW container, stylishly furnished though it was 😀
    These projects are awesome!

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